A rapid evolution of Nike Air Max

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A rapid evolution of Nike Air Max

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A rapid evolution of Nike Air Max

Back in the mid ’90s, Nike nike air vapormax Air Max cushioning was in the midst of a rapid evolution. Sneaker designs were progressing quickly, with the Air Max 95 and Air Max 97 becoming the industry’s aspiration for footwear perfection. The Air Max 98 has always played somewhat of a second fiddle to its predecessors, however. The younger sibling to the Air Max 97, the AM98 was built on the same Nike Air-Sole, but lacked the smooth, undulating lines of the 97.

There were still some wavy lines, but there were also stripes and patches that nike air max 90 chopped up the shoe into different sections. The 98 just didn’t flow as well as the 97. Regardless, it’s worth noting that the AM98 released in plenty of eye-catching colorways, many of which will be returning in 2018. Here’s a look back at some of the highlights from 1998.

Of all the iconic pieces of fashion in the history of hip-hop, the epic Snow Beach pull-over jacket made by Polo Ralph Lauren stands among the most mythical in history. It’s nike air max en ligne a piece of clothing that screams NY street culture, with credit going to Raekwon and the “Can It Be All So Simple” music video for bringing it to the limelight.

This Nike nike air max 2017 Air Max 1 has the colors down pat, and although this isn’t an official tribute or collaboration by any means, these will get rocked hard by ‘Lo heads. Of course Packer Shoes brought this exact colorway onto a shoe when they collaborated with Saucony and the Grid 9000 back in 2014. Peep the detailed photos below and stay tuned for a global drop on January 11th.

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